How to Get Better at Running

Running isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for some, it’s their way of life, it can be more fun and enjoyable if you do it the right way.woman runner warm up outdoor Getting better at running doesn’t happen overnight it take time getting used to, and it’s one of the best workouts for the whole body, whether you are a good runner or just starting out. How does one get better at running? Before you do any of the following – make sure you consult your doctor/physician first!


  •  Find the right gear: You need a good and comfortable shoe that fits well and support the feet. You can go to your local shoe store and have them fit you if you are not sure on where to start, and remember to consider the environment and the layout of where you will be running when picking your shoe.
  • Warming up: first just try to get a feel of your body, pay attention to how your body responds, stretch a little to open up your ligaments.

Runner girl doing warming up exercises for spine before morning jogging on the street, stretching, preparing for running, back view

  • A transition from walking to jogging then to running: try not to jump right in but instead opt to interchange through walking for a minute or two then run, and just ease into it. Try not to overdo it, progress gradually to avoid injuries.
  • Be consistent: if you run for a while then stop, you will need to build your conditioning back up and start at square one again, to avoid this you have to be consistent.
  • Find a running mate or a group: this can be a healthy motivator, and it’s always fun, especially on a long run.
  • Eat right: running requires energy, consider a meal that has carbs and protein, this will keep you fueled and don’t over feed as this will cause cramping.
  •  Hydrate: having enough fluids in your body before and during your run helps to reduce fatigue and cramping due to dehydration, make sure you drink enough water.
  •  Make a plan and stick to it: if you choose to run for four days a week commit to that religiously, whether it rains or the sun is so hot, stick to your plan, if possible schedule the run at the same time each day. With time you can increase your running time.
  • Track your progress: take notes of your progress as this is a great source of motivation, allowing you to enjoy your step by step success along the way and inspire you to do more.
  •  Switch up your routine: to break monotony and spice up your run and make it more fun, incorporate different types of exercises, for instance, change of scenery a different route. You can also try using exercise bikes as well.
  • Make it fun: listening to music while running can be a soothing process and it is more fun as it keeps your mind occupied and in a happy place.
  • Sign up for a run: be it a community run or a marathon, join in as this will be fun competing with other people and make your own record and see how far you have come.
  •  After run stretch: to avoid muscle soreness stretch right after a run.
  • After run pampering: after a good run it’s important to pamper yourself because you deserve it, be it a bubble bath, a healthy juice or a massage.


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