Core Training Workout Tips

Core training is an important part of a successful full body workout. Like every other type of exercise, core training effectiveness can be boosted by following certain tips. It’s very beneficial especially if you’re trying ot get better at running. Here are a few of the most common tips.

1. Engage the pelvic floor muscles.

Pelvic floor muscles are all of the muscles in the lower region of your pelvis area- the ones that, for lack of a better example, can be clenched to avoid accidents when there isn’t a bathroom nearby. The pelvic floor gets a lot of attention with Pilates enthusiasts because the pelvic floor works with the lower back muscles to provide stability, but they can also be engaged when doing core workouts for better results.

2. Balance exercises.

Balance is a huge part of any physical activity. Whether you’re walking, running, playing sports, or doing core exercises, you’re constantly balancing yourself on one or two parts of your body at a time. If you have poor balance, it’s easier to get injured. For example, if you’re doing body curls on the floor, you’re balanced on your tailbone and lower back- if you were to lose your balance you could hit your head. Balance exercises are usually categorized by standing on one leg or standing on an uneven (or moving) surface.

3. Healthy feet.

This may seem random, but take a second and think. What are feet used for? Feet are tools that keep us standing upright and allow us to go through our everyday exercise routines. If your feet are unhealthy or painful, chances are you’ll have less success while working out- after all, it’s hard to focus on anything with throbbing and blistered feet. Bad feet can also lead to balance issues, back issues, and knee problems. Keeping our feet moisturized and callus free are the best ways to ensure they stay healthy and can do their job effectively.

4. Rest.

Your core is essentially a giant muscle, and like all other muscles, it needs time to relax and recuperate. This being said, you don’t need to do core training everyday. A few times a week will do, experts say or if you’re really dedicated to this type of exercise, every second day is the recommended maximum.

5. Include equipment in your core workout.

Workout equipment can be extremely helpful when it comes to core training. For variation in your workout, try to include things like medicine balls, stability balls, and various types of balance boards. Medicine balls can be added to tons of different core exercises- they promote strength training due to their extra weight. They also help to mimic rotation movements in areas where traditional weights would be unpractical. You also may want to consider working on your cardio while keeping your core tight. Using different stationary bikes could help out as well.

A good core workout comes down to balance and strength- with these two components under your belt, you’ll have a strong core in no time. On top of these five tips, though, eating healthy can also be beneficial (as it can be beneficial to everything). Eating healthy while core training doesn’t have to mean limiting yourself from your favorite foods- it just comes down to portion control, which is another topic entirely.