Biking Fitness: Indoor Cycling Bikes or Upright Bikes?

When looking at ways to get fit by biking, you can feel assaulted by all the different gadgets that claim to help you on your way. However, when we look closer at our indoor options, two exercise bikes tower over the competition: Indoor cycling bikes and upright bikes? In this article we’re going to look at their ergonomics, features, and ease of use to see which one would fit your lifestyle and fitness goals the best.


At it’s core, the indoor cycling bike tries its best to be just that: a bicycle. This is evident in its structure, which mimics a bicycle as much as possible. By extension, this means that you can ride this bike in the same way you ride a road bike; you can even ride it standing up, which opens up more avenues for getting fit. On the inside, the resistance of the indoor cycling bike is provided by a flywheel fitted with resistance weights, further mimicking the bike aesthetic.

By design, this type of bike is extremely popular among professional cyclists and cycling enthusiasts all the same as it provides the feel of riding a real bike. However, all this realism comes at a cost, with the absence of digital readings and sensors, users are forced to use other means to measure progress.


While the indoor cycling bike seeks to mimic a bike as much as possible, the upright bike does the exact opposite. Albeit looking and functioning similarly to the former, the upright bike has been fine tuned to provide superior comfort, control, and exercise options at the cost of not looking or riding like an actual bike. Thanks to its design, the upright bike has been fitted with built in health monitors and digital displays which give the user a simple interface to customize their workouts and monitor statistics like heart rate, calories burned, and speed, among others. On the inside, the resistance of the upright bike is provided by a motor and magnets.

This design is popular among the general populace as well as certain people who have problems disallowing them to bike using traditional indoor cycling bikes.


To sum it up, indoor cycling bikes provide a realistic bike riding experience while upright bikes provide a more personalized and easily monitored workout. However, despite their vast differences, both these bikes are magnificent devices that are equally capable of helping you burn calories and reach your fitness goals so long as you’re willing to work for it.

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