Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Review

Standing over 50 inches tall and weighing over 80 pounds, the Schwinn 230 is one of the top mid-range exercise bikes available today.

In addition to it’s small and compact size, the Schwinn 230 includes 20 resistance levels, 22 total workout programs, a flywheel option for quiet, smooth riding and a multi-speed fan, so you don’t sweat too much.

Therefore, users are not only to get a great workout in, but they are able to relax while doing it. 

Informative And Detailed Workout Data

 While many of the not-so-great pieces of exercise equipment simply show your speed, the Schwinn 230 allows riders to view their time, intervals, revolutions per minute, distance, pulse rate, watts, and calories burned. Additionally, the bike allows riders to create “user profiles” to store their data and view their progress.

Riders are able to connect a phone or music to the bike since it comes with an iPod/MP3 input port and a USB connection through “Schwinn Connect.” Alongside this connection, the bike also features multiple LCD windows which enable users to choose from the many different riding and fitness programs available.

The Setup

Serving as a very easy and simple bike to ride due to its low-to-the-ground configuration, the Schwinn 230 is perfect for even the shortest people. This bike is significantly lower to the ground than most, and also very sturdy. No matter how hard you’re pedaling, the bike will stay put and stay quiet (especially when you are using the flywheel feature to enable very smooth and quiet riding).


The Different Workouts Offered On The Schwinn 230

For anyone looking to improve their overall health and well-being, the heart rate control workouts are highly suggested. While this bike is often used by seasoned, experienced riders who are looking to build muscle and trim more fat, it is ideal for the novice as well. Many you have a history of high blood pressure or heart attacks, using one of the heart rate control programs will help significantly. Since there are many different workout modes, programs, and options on this bike, everyone is able to find something that fits their needs.

However, if you are someone looking to push yourself as hard as you can possibly go, then the mountain riding with high resistance is the way to go. This not only works the muscles of your legs tremendously, but it also helps to build incredible stamina as well. Even some of the most experienced riders should have a difficult time with this, proving that the bike is very high quality.


No matter what level rider you are, the Schwinn 230 will be a great investment for you. In addition to the many different options and workout programs the bike offers, it is also very conveniently sized, and it can fit easily in small areas without any difficulty. There is a lot of support offered through the menu of this bike for anyone looking to learn, and also a lot of challenging options for any experienced riders.


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