High-Impact Exercise Routines for your Recumbent Bike

One of the most common mainstays in any given workout arsenal is the recumbent bicycle. Despite its basic design, these laid back bikes offer a surprising amount of versatility when it comes to customizing your workout. No matter whether your particular fitness goal is losing weight or building up your endurance, your recumbent bike should meet your needs with flying colors.

If your main goal is weight loss, consider trying interval training. If you’re not familiar, interval training is an intense form of cardio that works by alternating between heavy work and calm recovery periods in quick succession. At the beginning, you’ll probably want to stick with a 1:2 ratio – that is, make your high-activity period only half as long as your recovery period. Once you get used to the routine, that ratio can be adjusted for maximum performance. Consider this sample workout plan – after you warm up, crank your pedal resistance up as high as you can personally stand it. Pedal as hard as you can for about thirty seconds, then lower the resistance and pedal lightly for another thirty. Keep alternating high and low resistance for about twenty minutes, and then go for your cool down.

Maybe your fitness ideals are less about weight loss and more about building up muscle endurance. Your bike can help out here too – by gradually ramping up your resistance over time you can help increase that endurance and shape your legs while you’re at it. This program is a little more complicated – start with mid-range resistance and pedal for about five minutes. Then, increase the resistance a few notches and pedal for four. Repeat a few more times, gradually stepping up the resistance while decreasing the rate of your interval. Once your interval gets down to one minute take a quick recovery period by reducing pedal resistance to a minimal level. After your recovery period repeat the entire sequence over again. In total your goal should be two periods of gradually increasing resistance culminating in 25-30 minutes of total workout time (not counting your warm-up and cool-down, of course).

As you can see, your recumbent bike is able to serve you no matter what you’re trying to accomplish for your overall fitness, whether that’s slashing flab or increasing your endurance or even just shaping up your legs some. Like with all workouts, as long as you’re willing to dedicate yourself to putting in the work, you should be able to accomplish any goal!

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