Top Most Beautiful Marathons to Run in the World

If you love traveling as much as you like a good run, then you should consider doing a Marathon. Marathon tours and travel packages are among the newest trends in the tourism industry.

There are several reasons to exercise while traveling. Like any other activity, being in an area where you aren’t use to can be a stressful experience. Therefore, adding a little endorphin to your trip can actually be a good thing! It’s  a way to turn a new experience into a unique experience.

Part of being a runner is to be prepared to test your limits, and to see how far you can go and prove to yourself what you’re capable of. When prepared to try their limits in foreign territories, good runners may face many challenges. One of the challenges would be dehydration due to temperatures. Make sure you prepare yourself and you train smart. One way to do this is to run every day. If it’s winter season and it’s too cold to run, then use an indoor bike or treadmill.

In case you are one of those runners out there who likes to kill two birds with just one stone, here’s a list:

Top 5 Places to do a Marathon and Why

1. Venice Marathon, Venice, Italy

The marathon in Venice gives runners the chance to enjoy the beauty of the Italian city’s 18th century architecture. Additionally, you’ll be running through Venice’s famous canals.  Add to that the possibility to end the run with a gondola ride and it’s perfection at its prime.

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2. The Big Five Marathon, South Africa

For those looking for a little bit of adventure, this is probably the best choice. This marathon takes place inside of a natural reserve inhabited by lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalos. Runners safety is assured by guards that run together with the marathonists in special jeeps.

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3. Great Wall Marathon, China

Certainly one of the world’s most challenging marathons, the Great Wall Marathon is essentially for runners with a very good physical endurance and, most importantly, strong knees. It consists of more than 14 miles of going up and down, and that’s just in its initial path.

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4. The Reggae Marathon, Negril, Jamaica

This marathon’s slogan says it all: “Come for the run, stay for the fun.” Favored by more young runners from all over the world, it is also a celebration between tourists and locals, who often open their houses for runners for some food and, of course, some reggae.

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5. Marathon du Medoc, Bordeaux, France

This is the chance to run through one of France’s most famous wine routes. That was actually the idea of its organizers, who decided to add a little savoir vivre to a good run, as it includes stops in a few wineries for some wine tasting.

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