Workouts Using an Indoor Spin Bike

Indoor cycling workouts are slowly replacing the old traditional outdoor cycling training around the neighborhood and mountainous terrains. Unpredictable weather and insecurity are some of the main reasons that people nowadays prefer having their workouts indoors. Technology has further made this possible with the emergence of high-quality spin bikes with accessories that mimic real life terrains and conditions. People are therefore inclined towards using indoor bikes as they have proved to be even more effective.

Before embarking on indoor training, it is important to set goals and understand the importance of your workout. Understanding your workouts will help you set specific goals, which you will focus more on rather than just pedaling for the sake of it. Below are some of the best indoor spin bike workouts that will help you immensely.

It is vital to note that before doing these workouts, that you warm up and fine tune your muscles before attempting these workouts. A typical warm up should be a quick 10 to 15 minutes alternating between easy and fast pedaling sessions. Pedal hard for two minutes and then switch to easy relaxed pedaling for a minute or two. Repeat this for about fifteen minutes and you are good to go. Please consult your doctor before doing these workouts with your spin bike.

1) Tempo workout

This workout is meant to boost your overall pedaling power and enhance your endurance when riding. For this workout, you will need a fair amount of intensity forcing your body to produce enough lactate to make you feel uncomfortable but not unbearable. Maintain the medium tempo and force your body to acclimatize to the lactate levels. Your body will be forced to counter the lactate levels building on your endurance. The sessions should be between 30 and 50 minutes and aim to add some time after every work out. Try as much as possible to maintain the pace of pedaling. This will yield in better pedal resistance and stronger leg muscles. The Rated Perception of Exertion of this workout is about 6.

2) Power intervals workout

The aim of this workout is to accumulate as much time as possible during the ride. Increase your power up in the first 15 to 30 seconds and then try and maintain it for the rest of the session interval. Try as much as possible to bring your power and cadence to its maximum (90 RPM should be okay) and maintain is for as much as possible. The sessions should be between 10 and 15 minutes and you could do two to three sessions with a brief two-minute break in between. This is an extremely tiring work out with a Rated Perception of Exertion at a maximum 10.

3) Overs and Unders interval workouts

This workout is meant to help you cope with changes in pace and terrain management. The “overs” are the pace and intensity needed when tackling hilly terrain which normally requires high energy and “Under” represent your intensity when in relatively flat terrain with high pace. This workout entails 10 to 15 minute intervals through which you will alternate between the overs and Unders. For the first 3 to 4 minutes, start at a steady intensity and accelerate to Climbing intensity and maintain it for at least two minutes before going back to steady intensity for another two to three minutes and then spin easy for about five minutes before repeating the procedure again. With careful and good timing you will be able to cope with the changing intensities and speed requirement. The Rated Perception of Exertion of this workout is 8

Ensure you are consistent in your work outs. Start by pedaling easy and over time you can then go hard. The whole point of training is to give your body a feel of the real life conditions and make it used to enduring the conditions, tough as they may get.