What’s The Best Outfit For Indoor Bikes?

Many people usually use normal work out clothes when they are indoor cycling but these are not comfortable enough for riding and can lead to serious issues like hurting yourself while riding in the wrong shoes. There are special clothes designed for riding, these are made from special materials that absorb excess sweat produced during the cycling.

The best top for indoor cycling is one that allows circulation of air and is made from fast sweat absorbing material. It is best to go with a short sleeve polyester t shirt for the ladies and a sleeveless polyester t shirt for the gents. Washable colors make for the best outfits as far as personal hygiene is concerned.
Always avoid materials like cotton, they do not go well with sweat and will end up embarrassing you when they absorb moister and start looking all nasty.

Shorts are the way to go as there is minimum risk of getting caught up and tangled in the bike mechanism. The best shorts for indoor cycling will be the padded ones on the bottom to insure comfort when seated on the bike. These shorts also should be lined with moisture absorbing material to deal away the sweat produced during the session. It is advisable not to wear any underwear with these biking shorts as it will cause uncomfortable friction.
For more comfort, biking shorts should be tight fitting. This applies to both the ladies and the gentlemen.

The best biking shoes are ones that promote efficiency and directly fit in with the bike pedals.These have specially designed soles that make for good balance when cycling at the same time providing stability to the joints. It is best to check the type of pedals on the bike and pick shoes that fit in perfectly in order to avoid feet discomfort, a good example here is the use of clip-less pedals over the common straps.
These shoes should be made of material that allows air circulation around the feet. The feature mesh fabric is the most commonly used.

Other biking accessories
To complete the best cycling outfit a few accessories are required:

– a pair of cotton socks to go with the shoes
– a cotton sweat band to absorb dripping sweat
– cycling gloves to protect the hands at the same time giving extra grip on the bike handles

Indoor cycling is an enjoyable activity that can become even better with the right outfit. It is always best to dress for the occasion.

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